Saturday, November 10, 2007

Is the Notre Dame House Now Divided?

Check out what Bob Kuechenberg, a 1969 Notre Dame graduate, had to say about Crewcut Charlie Weis recently in the Boston Herald (click on Page 2 of this link to access the account):

“I want to start the movement — Charlie’s last name is four letters, and so is ogre, because that’s what he is. Look it up, and you’ll find some other adjectives that fit him to a tee.

“This man has not been a good ... human being might be a little bit broad ... but this man has not been good to anybody who came to Notre Dame. Within the Notre Dame family, when former All-American players say to a man that this guy’s an [expletive], and for no reason, to me it’s karma that he’s getting his ass handed to him.”

Kuechenberg was just getting started. Weis came aboard three years ago when Notre Dame was in a vulnerable position, having lost George O'Leary to a resume flap and Urban Meyer to Florida. Weis was able to get the university to renegotiate his six-year deal into a 10-year deal after only seven games by getting his name involved with several expected NFL openings.

“In the face of all of those embarrassments, to then have Charlie Weis back out on you a couple of weeks into his career would have been really embarrassing, which is probably why they succumbed to that type of blackmail,” Kuechenberg said. “It’s the mark of the man. I can see after a couple of years to say let’s talk about an extension. But right away? It’s karmic justice that Charlie Weis is getting what he deserves for his actions.”

Kuechenberg, an offensive lineman on the undefeated 1972 Miami Dolphins, said he also helped Notre Dame secure two offensive line recruits from Florida but never received so much as a thank you from Weis.

“I was very proud of my little role in influencing that,” he said. “You would think, it’s not like my name is Jack Jones. It’s not like he hasn't heard of me. I spent 15 years in the big leagues. My feelings were hurt on that, and then all this now. He’s getting what he has earned.”

"I was up there ... for the Michigan State game. He has insulted people. It doesn't matter if you’re an ex-football player, a regular alumni, what have you. He’s been abusive and totally, unnecessarily arrogant to the Notre Dame family itself and it’s all coming back in his lap.

“I've yet to meet the man, and frankly I hope I never do. There’s nothing about his image that I have any respect for. I don’t know Charlie personally, but his image is wide enough and consistent enough from sources I hold in high regard. These are good friends of mine and it’s the same broken record. This guy is an ogre.

“He’s been rude to them, curt and abrasive. The Notre Dame student-athlete is held to a higher standard, so what’s with the coach? Hello — you’re the leader. Act like one.

"Admittedly, the Notre Dame job is probably one of the biggest, toughest pressure cookers in all of college. If you don’t win there, you have to be gone. The question is, since he’s Charlie Weis, and he has this unprecedented 10-year contract, can he be let go? If you go 2-10 and piss off everyone you encounter, I see no reason why you should stay.”

“I’m just hoping one of these wealthy alums helps buy out his contract."


Matt Fairchild ( said...

Is it me or are all the 1972 Dolphins whiny douchebags?

Anonymous said...

It is you. Weis is in fact an orge and after getting canned at ND he will co-star in the next Shrek movie.

fife53 said...

they whine, yes, but weis is terrible for ND.

Anonymous said...