Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Crewcut's Curious, Unexplained Calls

Perhaps you were as dumbfounded as, well, everybody else, but days after the fact, Crewcut Charlie Weis' bizarro decisions in Notre Dame's 46-44 triple overtime loss to Navy remain largely unexplained.

In particular was the big guy's call to go for it on fourth and eight with 45 seconds remaining in regulation instead of attempting a 41-yard field goal that could have won the game. The top video shows the fourth-and-eight play and questioning of Crewcut's call by NBC's Pat Haden. (You can advance it to the -2:12 mark if you don't want to listen to "Anchors Aweigh.")

The bottom video shows the winning play from the stands and the Midshipmen rushing onto the field. Pitch Right, the fine Navy blog, has been busy posting several other videos that have trickled onto the Internet.

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Anonymous said...

Curious, unexplained calls??? Come on. These are calls only "offensive genius'" can figure out so apparently you aren't one! If you have to look at the big picture here and understand things at a higher level to know. You must be in football kindergarten since Charlie Weis is the Ph.D. of offensive football with an decided schematic advantage. It's just a matter of X's and O's you know. The fact that ND is 1-8 has nothing to do with Charlie Weis and his genius, there are other factors such as the wind blowing in the wrong direction for that 4th and 8 passing call...