Thursday, November 01, 2007

Check Out This Gator Cheapie

We thank the Bulldawg Blawg for hunting down this cheapie. Florida's Lawrence Marsh jumps offside — a penalty that is not called — then Gator defensive tackle Clint McMillan flattens Matthew Stafford after the Georgia quarterback takes a knee. Adding to the mess is that there is no whistle until after McMillan's blatant infraction. Then the referee gives a rather bizarre explanation of what has just transpired.

As for the overall quality of officiating, it's clear the Southeastern Conference has seen better years.

Keep them coming! We already have several outstanding candidates for Cheapest Shot of the Year, and we will put this to a vote of the readers at the end of the season, just like we did in 2006. One cheapie we continue to seek is Georgia linebacker Dannell Ellerbe being blocked below the knee by a South Carolina player during the Sept. 8 game in Athens. Can anybody help us out? The address: dawizofodds (at)

And if you see somebody degrading an opponent or the game, drop us an email for our Classless Acts of 2007. Here's the link to the Classless Acts of 2006.


Tar Heel Fan said...

Look on the bright side...had this been an ACC crew they would have taken 10 minutes to sort it out and still gotten it wrong.

Chester Dankins said...

SEC blows my balls. Nice job Florida you cheap spooks!!