Friday, November 23, 2007

The BCS Is Trying to Screw the WAC

Is the Bowl Championship Series out to get the Western Athletic Conference? That would appear to be the case. The commissioners of the six BCS conferences voted this week to expand the at-large pool of teams from their conferences from 14 to 18.

The decision, as explained by the BCS Guru, created yet another obstacle in Hawaii's quest to earn a berth to one of the BCS bowls.

Hawaii athletic director Herman Frazier and WAC commissioner Karl Benson are taking the high road, but maybe they should be considering legal options.

Frazier said colleagues from non-BCS schools have warned him that the big conferences will do anything within their power to keep Hawaii out of a lucrative BCS game, even if the Warriors go 12-0.

Benson has hired a consultant to help get the message out about the conference, but if the Warriors finish the regular season 12-0 and don't get invited to the BCS party, expect the WAC to scream bloody murder.


Jamie Ford said...

Hawaii and Kansas are both unbeaten. Both have terrible strength of schedule ratings (Kansas #113, Hawaii #119), but Kansas is ranked #2 in the BCS, while Hawaii is only ranked #15. Total BS...

Going2Oahu said...

Colt Brennan passed for 495 yards and five
touchdowns. An amazing day for the Warriors and the controversy is opening up wide. Check the video at for some major foreshadowing. Maholo aloha!

Anonymous said...

I was just searching thru the blogs and was interested in the title "BCS is Trying to Screw the WAC". Theres a big difference between Kansas and Hawaii. I'll get Kansas out of the way quickly, they play in the Big 12, most of their opponents are ranked between 50 and 75, and they play #4 Missouri. So if they win out then they are much more legit. Granted the Big 12 isnt the SEC, but it also isnt the WAC. The Big 12 is 36-11 against non-conf opponents and the WAC is 15-20. Now for Hawaii, before the Boise State game Hawaii's highest ranked opponent was #56 Fresno State, with many opponents ranked below 100. And yes Boise was ranked in the top 20, interestingly enough Boise's strength of schedule is second to last, with Hawaii's being dead last. If Hawaii wants national respect then they should stop playing powder-puff football.

Anonymous said...

Hawaii never intended to have a weak schedule, Michigan State paid to get out of a game scheduled for this season, Hawaii offered to go to the “Big House “to play Michigan and they opted to play Appalachian State and USC turned down the offer to pay Hawaii as well. The notion that the WAC is getting screwed is born in the fact BCS rules were changed recently to expand the number of teams from the “BCS” conferences that could qualify for the higher dollar bowls.