Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What Fools These Mortals Be!

Strange behavior continues in Arkansas. The fan above burns four tickets and a parking pass to the Razorbacks' home game against North Texas in protest of Houston Nutt being the Arkansas coach. The fan below feeds his tickets to the Chattanooga game through a shredder. Let's see if this act of bravery is repeated for Saturday's game against Auburn, a real opponent. Thanks to The Hog Blogger.

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TrumanHugh said...

Protest, maybe. Idiocy, for sure.

Didn't these guys pay good money for said tickets and parking permits? I know I paid a lot for my Cal season tickets and parking.

I got news for these guys: Arkansas and Nutt still got your money.

A more effective and hard-hitting real protest would have been keeping the money from Arkansas'--and Nutt's--coffers in the first place! Here, they may as well have just shredded their paychecks.

Pretty expensive ash and confetti, fools!