Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Paterno Gives His Version of the Story

Joe Paterno, speaking before Wednesday's gathering of the Penn State Quarterbacks Club, reportedly gave his side of the road rage incident that remains under investigation by university police.

An individual posting on Fight On State, the Scout Penn State board, wrote this summary:

"According to Joe, the woman ran a stop sign and stopped to pick up what is apparently her husband. Joe, being a cranky old man and prone to pointing out others mistakes, rolled up next to her and yelled out the window 'Hey, you ran the stop sign, you could kill somebody.'

"As an Italian, Joe acknowledged that he was probably pointing at her — no middle finger, of course. As he is telling the woman this her husband walks up and taps on the other window and says 'Hey, that's My Wife.'

"Joe replied 'That's your problem' and drove off. No big deal and totally blown out of proportion. Pretty vanilla for road rage."

Thanks to Mr2Cents for the image and Kevin of We Are Penn State.

Update: The story has finally reached the mainstream media, with Ron Musselman of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reporting what we have been telling you all along. Musselman also reports that the incident is being regarded as a disagreement and although the investigation continues, no charges have been (and likely won't be) filed.

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