Thursday, October 18, 2007

The North Texas Albino Squirrels

North Texas sociology professor Dale Yeatts is asking for the school to adopt a second mascot — the albino squirrel.

"I don't mind being called the Mean Green, even though it does suggest a touch of violence. ... What I would like to suggest to UNT's students is that they consider adopting a second mascot — the albino squirrel," Yeatts writes in a letter to the editor of the North Texas Daily.

In 2000, an albino squirrel was first spotted on the Denton campus. Students believed that seeing the squirrel before an exam would bring good luck. The Albino Squirrel Preservation Society was formed and the group moved to have the university adopt the squirrel as secondary mascot. The measure was narrowly rejected by the student body.

Then tragedy struck. In August 2006, the squirrel was killed by a red-tailed hawk.

But there is a happy ending. This spring, another albino squirrel was spotted on campus, and the movement to adopt the squirrel as secondary mascot appears to have been rekindled.


TrumanHugh said...

Imagine a football team's name suggesting "a touch of violence"?! The audacity! Perhaps, he'd be happier as a, Warrior?

Actually, I'd never heard of an albino squirrel and I'd be all for adopting it as a secondary mascot...too bad I'm a Cal alum/fan.

Go Albino Squirrels!!

Moridura said...

How about this albino visitor?