Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Mississippi Miracle: Best View Yet

Check out this footage from the end zone of Trinity's 15-lateral play to defeat Millsaps last Saturday in Jackson, Miss. This by far is the best footage we have seen of the Mississippi Miracle.

Riley Curry, who completed perhaps the craziest play in college football history by racing into the end zone, has become an instant celebrity. And coaches continued to rave about the play this week, including Oklahoma's Bob Stoops, who said: "That was absolutely awesome."

The outstanding call of the play is by Jonathan Wiener, a sophomore English major at Trinity. Something tells us he might soon be switching majors. A full transcript of the broadcast call. ... The seven Trinity players who touched the ball during the Mississippi Miracle were named South Collegiate Athletic Conference offensive players of the week.

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greg6363 said...

From this angle, it's clear that a number of the Millsaps players are standing around watching the action instead of trying to make a tackle to end the game. On a sidenote, the coach of Millsaps is Mike DuBose, former head coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Greg said...

The defense was just waiting for something to happen instead of pursuing.

How 'bout the announcer calling every player's name almost instantly on each lateral? I bet very few football broadcasters could pull that off. "Where's my spotter?"