Sunday, October 14, 2007

Looking for Game Stories? We Got 'Em!

We will have a full update later Sunday, but in the meantime, here are your choices: You can go to other sites and read bland wire service accounts of Saturday's games, or you can check out Wiz News Wired and find stories full of vim and vigor from some of the best reporters in the land.

News Wired is our sister site and has RSS feeds of 120 teams. Many of the stories displayed will be accounts from newspaper beat reporters who cover a team on a daily basis and possess knowledge second to none. These are trained professionals ladies and gentlemen, not some wire service jockey who shows up only on Saturdays and cranks out something for the masses. And the cool thing is that all the teams and stories are displayed on one page so you don't have to go through layers of links to find the stories you are looking for.

News Wired is also listed here on the Wiz, at the top of the second column under Links, just below Wiz Resources, an invaluable list of links for the college football fanatic.

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