Sunday, October 14, 2007

It's Ohio State No. 1, South Florida No. 2

The official Bowl Championship Series standings will not be released until late Sunday, but the BCS Guru already has the scoop. After another round of Saturday upsets, the Guru has Ohio State at the top of the heap followed by South Florida, which will edge Boston College for the No. 2 spot.

Louisiana State, which was No. 1 before Saturday's loss at Kentucky, is projected to drop only to the No. 4 spot. This is interesting because a week ago when USC lost to Stanford, the Trojans dropped from No. 2 to No. 13th in the Guru's standings. Is there favoritism involved here with the Tigers projected to drop only three spots? Doesn't seem fair.

And California, which was No. 3 in the Guru's list entering Saturday, is projected to drop to 13th after its loss to Oregon State. Again, is this fair?

After LSU we have Oklahoma, South Carolina, Oregon, Kentucky, Arizona State and West Virginia.


Anonymous said...

This sweetie wanted to wish the Ohio State Buckeyes good luck in their game this weekend against Minnesota. We, too, wish OSU good luck, if for no other reason than to keep from pissing Katie off. Go Bucks!!

Anonymous said...

It's completely fair. Consider who they lost to. Stanford has just 1 other win apart from USC (A very mediocre San Jose St) and Oregon St is not much better. Kentucky has just 1 loss (To SC, who lost to LSU!). It's completely justifiable to not drop that much. For instance, in my personal rankings, I still have them at 2, just behind Arizona St.

Troy said...

Completely fair. One team has beaten Washington and Nebraska and has lost to Stanford. The other has beaten Florida, South Carolina, and VaTech, and has lost to Kentucky (on the road in overtime). One of those resumes is top 5-worthy. The other isn't top 15-worthy.

Troy said...

Cal has a much better case than USC, having beaten Oregon and (the tar out of) Tennessee. 13 does seem low for them.

Brendan said...

Is there favoritism involved here with the Tigers projected to drop only three spots? Doesn't seem fair.

You're kidding, right? As a USC alum and Trojan fan, OF COURSE it's fair. LSU lost on the road to a ranked team. USC lost... at home... to Stanford. LSU has beaten a bunch of good teams. USC has beaten nobody. LSU is actually a good team. USC has played like absolutely crap for three consecutive games.

I have LSU #5 and USC #18 in my rankings right now.

Anonymous said...

LSU lost to the #17 team (Kentucky should have been ranked higher). A MUCH better team than Stanford. That's why USC dropped so far, they loss to a nobody...(sorry, Stanford!).