Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Damage Control at Texas A&M

On a day Texas A&M coach Dennis Franchione announced that "I have no intention of resigning this position," another problem cropped up.

The Dallas Morning News published several editions of "VIP Connection," a secret newsletter sent to selected Aggie boosters who paid $1,200 a year for inside information.

Some highlights of the newsletter, written by Mike McKenzie, Franchione's personal assistant:

—An incident where a guy crashed a party and threatened players John Ray and Jaxson Appel with a steak knife.

—Announcing the dismissal of defensive coordinator Carl Torbush 45 minutes before a release was issued by the sports information office.

—Plan to get Texas Tech linebackers in mismatches before a 2006 game.

—Word that safety Brock Newton and defensive tackle Red Bryant would miss a 2006 game against Baylor. "Obviously, highly highly confidential, because we're not even going to inform our radio announcers beforehand." (Wiz note: Always handy information for the gambler.)

—Key points of emphasis in the game plan for the 2006 matchup against Texas.

—On this season's game against Fresno State: "We'll try to work the outside edge, spread them out, so that when we want to go in with J-Lane in Fresno's smashmouth style we hopefully have them on their heels a bit. We scripted 14 plays in the sequence — half runs, half passes. First play goes to Goodson, and second is a zone-read on which McGee either pitches to Goodson or keeps."

—And the last report, published on Sept. 13: "Gentlemen, I have sad news. Coach Fran asked me to let you know he learned that some members of the media have obtained a copy or one or more of our VIP Connection reports, and some are upset that it exists. Therefore, Coach Fran has decided it is best to shut it down."

Texas A&M officials have launched an inquiry to determine if anything in Franchione's VIP newsletter violated NCAA rules.


Anonymous said...

He is soooo fired.

Anonymous said...

It is incredible that he would actually be so stupid so as yo tell folks the plays he will run in a game. It really is incredible.