Wednesday, October 31, 2007

College Football Tour Guy Turns Pro

Travel to a different game each week, meet strangers, eat their food, generally act foolish along the way and chronicle it all on video. That's no way to get a jump on life now, is it?

Dream big, because Dan, the College Football Tour Guy, has pulled it off. In 2006 he traveled to seven Pacific 10 venues from his home base in Los Angeles. He started a website and posted videos of each trip on YouTube. Now he's doing the same thing and getting paid by Sports Illustrated. His videos appear each week on SI On Campus and a new video is posted each Tuesday. This past week he was in Jacksonville for the World's Biggest Outdoor Cocktail Party.

The video we feature here is from Dan's trip to Seattle on Oct. 20 for the Oregon-Washington game. Here are links to videos from some of his other trips: USC-Notre Dame in South Bend; Oklahoma-Texas in Dallas; Oklahoma-Colorado in Boulder; South Carolina-Louisiana State in Baton Rouge; USC-Nebraska in Lincoln and Notre Dame-Penn State in State College.

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