Friday, October 26, 2007

Boston College's Great Escape

The highlight, as TV Tan Line put it, was that "we did get to see Erin Andrews wet."

Boston College's 14-10 victory at Virginia Tech was a horrible game with a great finish, but will this cost the Eagles valuable style points? To win, they needed two touchdowns in two minutes with a successful onside kick in between.

And what about Matt Ryan's Heisman hopes? The Boston College quarterback looked confused at best, inept at worst, as the Hokies rattled him with pressure and myriad coverages.

Ryan had a chance to win over voters, but his pedestrian play for much of the game could prove more damaging than his heroics at the finish. According to the Heisman Pundit's straw poll, Ryan was third in the Heisman race entering Thursday night's game, behind Tim Tebow and Andre Woodson.

Through three quarters, Ryan was 14 of 33 for 101 yards and an interception. He finished 25 of 52 for 285 yards with two touchdowns and two interceptions. Here is video of Boston College's final drive:


BroccoliRob said...

Don't forget to mention how Ryan looking blowing snot out his nose, then topping that a moment later by puking a couple of times.

Sean O said...

What in the heck are you talking about? Ryan may have WON the Heisman last night if BC wins. He's taking a so-so team to the top, he has the most signature moment of any candidate so far and he fought back to win the game. Even the ESPN guys were gushing over his Heisman chances, as were the Va. Tech players. He's the favorite right now.

Note: I'm a UConn fan and HATE BC. But that was damn impressive last night.

Richard said...

Yes, Ryan and the BC offense were lousy against a tough VT defense (in a driving rain) for most of Thursday night's game. Nevertheless, Ryan came up HUGE in the last 4 minutes. It was a Heisman-worthy performance fromr this future 1st round draft choice, 23-4 in his stellar collegiate career.