Thursday, October 04, 2007

Barry Switzer and the Fountain of Truth

It's Oklahoma and Texas on Saturday at the Cotton Bowl. And you know what that means. The return of the Bootlegger's Boy, Barry Switzer.

The former Sooner coach, caught in a traitorous act earlier this year with Longhorn coach Mack Brown, started by calling the Big 12 "horrible."

What about the Longhorns?

"Texas hasn't played well all year. They haven't found an identity on offense. They don't have a running game. They have quarterback problems. I don't know what they're trying to do.

"I'm worried about Mack and Colt McCoy because of the concussion. If he plays and gets hurt again, I'm worried about what will happen ... and the criticism that will be brought on Mack and the Texas program."

OK, what about the Sooners? Switzer called Oklahoma's loss to Colorado a "shocker." And he had critical words for Bob Stoops.

"Bob is doing a great job, but the one thing that has hurt Bob is he's lost games that he's been a double-digit favorite. [They're] games you don't anticipate to lose."

Stoops, who has been Sooner coach since 1999, has lost 15 games, including five as a double-digit favorite. Oklahoma is an 11.5-point favorite Saturday.

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