Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Yeah, These Guys Are Excited

Regardless of what happens the rest of the season, it would take something of Herculean proportions to knock the Appalachian State story off the top shelf, so give a listen to the call of the final play at Michigan from the Mountaineers' broadcast team.

Now it's fun to celebrate victories, but losers always make better stories. So let's once again turn our attention to the Michigan Wolverines and see what Lloyd Carr and gang are up to.

Carr held a 26-minute question-and-answer session on Monday. Normally Carr is grouchy at such gatherings and bristles when asked about his future. That was not the case, as Carr gave measured responses rather than powerful reactions.

Players were badgered with questions about Carr's future. Could Carr be fired at any moment? Offensive tackle Jake Long called such speculation "insane."

Reporters were also being asked questions — by readers. Jim Carty of the Ann Arbor News answered several questions in his blog. This entry caught our notice:

"One of the things that's struck both myself and our football beat writer, John Heuser, is how different the reaction has been to this loss compared to past Michigan losses. Lloyd Carr is much, much more ... not just controlled, but subdued. And it's not like he's angry, but keeping that anger under control, there honestly doesn't seem to be any anger right now.

"A small example? Soon after Monday's press conference started, someone's cell phone went off. In the past, that would have resulted in Carr stopping the press conference and giving a stony stare to the person involved. Monday? He didn't even seem to notice."

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marcus said...

Couldn't happen to a better jerk, and no, I'm not an Ohio State fan. Of course he is subdued. He is probably still in shock.