Monday, September 03, 2007

We're Piling On the Wolverines

Two videos of Appalachian State's stunning victory over Michigan. Above we have highlights from the Big Ten Network. Below is video shot from the stands of the final play. Great stuff.

Polls are due out Tuesday, and the Wolverines, ranked No. 5 entering Saturday's game, could fall completely out of the rankings. And that has some calling for Lloyd Carr's head, which is what in happened to Arkansas' Jack Crowe in 1992 after the Razorbacks lost to The Citadel. The next day Jack was out of work. ... One fan says "somebody should pay a visit to Bo's grave and apologize."

Carr's teams have always struggled to defend spread offenses and running quarterbacks, and it would appear that trouble awaits the Wolverines again Saturday when Oregon comes to Ann Arbor. The Ducks are a confident bunch, especially after hearing about Appalachian State's success in the Big House.
In true American spirit, they were quick to capitalize on Appalachian State's victory in Boone, N.C., home of the Mountaineers. T-shirts that read "Michigan Who? 34-32" were a hot item. Also benefiting from the Wolverines' loss? Oddly enough, it's the Big Ten Network, which received a priceless advertisement for the entertainment value of the games.

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