Monday, September 17, 2007

Welcome to JCSPN

Because everybody is piling on the train wreck known as Crewcut Charlie Weis and Notre Dame, we thought it was time to join the fun. Check out JCSPN, a site dedicated to Fighting Irish quarterback Jimmy Clausen. The site bills itself as "The Worldwide Leader in Undeserved Hype."

This brings us to the interesting timeline involving quarterback Demetrius Jones, who started the opener for Notre Dame against Georgia Tech. Jones, who practiced with the team on Thursday, went AWOL on Friday and missed the trip to Ann Arbor, where Notre Dame got whacked, 38-0. It turns out that Jones was actually enrolled at Northern Illinois last Wednesday.

Weis wasn't talking Sunday, instead putting his team through a full-pads practice, but Jones gave an interview to the South Bend Tribune:

"Here's the way I look at it, the team was in a slump. Michigan was a 'must' game," Jones said. "I'm not sure me trying to take coach Weis' attention off the game last week was the right thing to do. I also don't think going to Michigan and going through the motions and pretending I was happy was the right thing to do either.

"I feel like my integrity has been challenged. I admit I made an immature decision, but I think it's going to turn out to be a good decision."

In addition, a "Jimmy Clausen for Heisman" video, below, has surfaced, showing "highlights" from the Michigan game. Thanks to the Midwest Correspondent.


Anonymous said...

high snaps, no protection.

nobodycould be a hiesman candidate if you offensive line looks more like a sieve than a leaky wall

he was running for his life most of that game...and it isn't because he is bad, it's because his line is HORRIBLE

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Clausen for the Heisman???? Whoa, wait a minute there buddy, I thought he already had four of those wrapped up just like the four national championships he promised. Are you telling me that it isn't guaranteed he'll win it???????

Anonymous said...

Are you sure Clausen in't a women, I mean he doesn't seem to have much to fill in his game pants. Take a look at pictures for yourself. He should stuff a sock or something to at least appear to be a man... It is embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

NBC has just sold its ND football television contract to Comedy Central...