Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting

A hearty thanks to Shakedown Sports for finding what we have been looking for: Video and images from what could be the brawl of the year in college football. North Carolina Central and North Carolina A&T squared off in more ways than one moments after Central's 27-22 victory on Saturday night.

This melee reportedly started after Central players stormed the field and began jumping up and down on A&T's midfield logo.

Police officers from both schools tried to separate players, and as you can see from the photos below, at least one officer from Central began spraying pepper spray at players who continued to fight.

Thus far, only one unidentified player from Central has been suspended.


DigitalHeadbutt said...

NC A&T: Y'all can't come into the A.S. like that, jump on our midfield logo and expect to get away with it! Hell 2 da naw...

Anonymous said...

Yes. It's so much more classy just to take a leak on it instead.