Sunday, September 02, 2007

Reporters' Notebooks

Stephen Tsai, Honolulu Advertiser: Hawaii, a 59.5-point favorite over Northern Colorado, cruised to a 63-6 victory behind Colt Brennan's 416 passing yards and six touchdowns.

Liz Bleau, Tampa Tribune: A fireworks display at South Florida's game was canceled after a pyrotechnician at Raymond James Stadium was seriously injured when a fireworks device exploded in his face.

John Rohde, Oklahoman: Oklahoma's Bob Stoops, whose team belted North Texas, 79-10, said he requested a running clock for the fourth quarter.

Mike Baldwin, Oklahoman: Superbooster T. Boone Pickens plans to attend every Oklahoma State game to keep an eye on his investment.

Tim Prister, Indianapolis Star: So that's why Notre Dame's Crewcut Charlie Weis kept his quarterback a secret.

Donnie Webb, Syracuse Post-Standard: The good news at Syracuse is that there are 11 more games to get something accomplished. The bad news is there are 11 more games.

Kevin Tatum, Philadelphia Inquirer: Temple coach Al Golden on his team's improved play: "Last year, we were bouncing checks. . . . We weren't putting any money in the bank. These guys are putting money in the bank."

Heather A. Dinich, Baltimore Sun: Maryland quarterback Josh Portis will not play this season because of an "academic issue."


Anonymous said...

In an official announcement today, the University of Notre Dame has officially renamed "Touchdown Jesus" to "Surrender Jesus".

I am sure glad the "genius", aka Weis, kept everyone in the dark about who the starting QB would be...that way, GT could plan for all three..........

It ain't over until the fat man sings...and I hear Charlie Weis is taking opera lessons in between twinkie snack breaks.

Anonymous said...

When all things go wrong at ND, blame the negro. Oppps, I forgot, firing Willingham wasn't racist. My bad.