Sunday, September 30, 2007

Possibly the Hit of the Year

Michigan State safety Nehemiah Warrick delivers a vicious helmet-to-helmet hit to Wisconsin receiver Kyle Jefferson in the final minute of the first half of Saturday's game at Madison, won by the Badgers, 37-34.

With help, Jefferson eventually got to his feet and made it to the bench. He didn't return.

"He was real close to being able to get back in there, but he couldn't answer all the right questions in the short amount of time," Badger coach Bret Bielema said.

Warrick was awarded the bone, which is given each week to a defensive player who makes the hardest hit in a game.


Seth said...

you may want to check this one out. afterwards, you can see the dude sitting there and if you read his lips, he says "i think i'm going to throw up"

Greg said...

Wasn't there another game this weekend where a dude got knocked out, and the camera had was zoomed in on him? FSU-Alabama, maybe?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, helmet to helmet ... that was a really clean "hit". Great idea to encourage that kind of play by lauding it as "Hit of the Year". I can definitely see why you call this "A College Football Site for Winners". Jackass ...