Friday, September 07, 2007

Game of the Week

Although first impressions linger and Michigan made a doozy in its opening loss to Appalachian State, consider this: The Wolverines have given up 34, 32 and 42 points in their last three games (all losses). One can't help but wonder if Michigan is going down that slippery slope toward mediocrity. Yes, it's not much fun being a Wolverine fan these days.

That brings us to the Game of the Week: Oregon at Michigan. The Wolverines face another team that uses a spread offense and has a scrambling quarterback. Lloyd Carr versus Mike Bellotti. This doesn't look good, Michigan. ...

We ventured to the fine Oregon blog, Addicted to Quack, and asked Dave, who calls the shots in that corner of cyberspace, for his opinion:

"There is no way that Oregon loses this game. Appalachian State made a blueprint for how to beat Michigan's defense using the spread offense. Oregon runs basically the same offense, only it is bigger, faster, and stronger. Its quarterback is bigger and more mobile. Oregon's no-huddle will wear out the Michigan defense. And, unlike the Wolverines, Oregon is competent on special teams and has a coach that actually watches game film. The defenses are equally terrible, but Oregon has enough of an edge on offense and special teams to pull this out. Ducks win by 10."

In the interest of fairness, we headed to M Zone to ask Yost for a rebuttal, but he was too busy interviewing Bellotti and studying up on the great state of Oregon.

What does the Wiz think? This is Michigan's game and the Wolverines will cover the spread, which at the time of this post has the Wolverines favored by 7.5 points.

Thanks to Image of Sport.

And now, a pep talk from Lou Holtz in case your wife runs off with the drummer. Thanks to the terrific EDSBS.

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Purdue Matt said...

This is the same Oregon team that got destroyed by BYU?