Monday, October 01, 2007

First Candidates for Cheapest Shots of Year

For those of you new to the site, we do something at the end of the season called Cheapest Shots of the Year. And we have our first nominees for 2007.

During Connecticut's 38-0 victory over Maine on Sept. 8, Huskies linebacker Danny Lansanah gets chopped from behind by Black Bear offensive lineman Christopher Arnao. We're happy to report that Lansanan suffered only a sprain of his right ankle and is back on the field.

Below we have Travis Thomas (26) and Mike Ragone (83) of Crewcut Charlie Weis' Notre Dame Fighting Irish thugging up Penn State's Jerome Hayes, right in front of an official. Notre Dame was called for 14 penalties in the Sept. 8 game, including this 15-yarder on Thomas. Penn State capitalized and won, 31-10.

If you know of a cheap shot from this season that is worthy of consideration, please email us: dawizofodds (at)


Erik said...

Clearly Willingham instilled no disciple whatsoever in his players. In fact, he instilled so little discipline, it's probably affecting players that never played for him.

Anonymous said...

The Maine Offensive lineman hit him in the thigh for a chop block. It is legal. It is done in college more than you think. I do not believe it was done intentionally to hurt. I was at that game, and Edsall still had his first team in at 1:30 or so left in the 3rd with a 31-0 lead over a team with 22 less scholarships.

Chuck said...

You should put LSU's shot on Captain Munnerlyn on there as well.

Anonymous said...

Notre Dame players cheat all the time anyway so what's new????

Anonymous said...

Re the ND-Penn State fight - That kind of pattycakes stuff doesnt really count as a cheap shot - its not like guys get hurt from it. Put a Band-Aid on and get back in there. PLus who knows what the Penn State guy did first - grabbed his balls or something,

Anyway, I think the chop blocks and helmet to helmet hits are much more dangerous. Guys can end their careers on that stuff