Monday, August 06, 2007

Spurrier Threatens to Quit

South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier let his employer have it Sunday, saying if the university doesn't change its admissions process, he will have no choice but to pack up and leave.

"As long as I’m the coach here, we’re going to take guys that qualify,” Spurrier said. “If not, then I have to go somewhere else because I can’t tell a young man, ‘You’re coming to school here,’ he qualifies, and not do that. And we did that this year.”

Spurrier let his feelings be known after recruits Michael Bowman and Arkee Smith were turned down by South Carolina's special admissions committee despite being NCAA-qualified.

“I’ve got to apologize to two young men that we recruited. They qualified. They signed with us in February. They were denied admission to our school,” Spurrier said. “Personally, I don’t think that’s the way you do business. I’m embarrassed that I and our coaches basically misled these young men into believing they were coming here.”

Spurrier spoke on the topic for 3.5 minutes, according to Joseph Person of the Columbia State, and the coach punctuated his points by jabbing his eyeglasses in the air.

University spokesman Russ McKinney said being NCAA-qualified does not guarantee an athlete admission.

“Our goal in the regular admissions process and any special admissions process is to try to be sure that every student admitted to the university can be successful and graduate,” McKinney said.


Anonymous said...

Just how low of a standard is "NCAA Qualified" if you can't even get into South Carolina? Jeez. Yet another issue with the NCAA that needs to be fixed.

Anonymous said...

Sad, but true. When a state university which can't even crack the US World News Top 100 rejects a student the NCAA clears, there's a problem.

Anonymous said...

Steve Spurrier is a morion. Since when did he become the admissions officer? I gave him my pie in the face award recently on my blog. This guy is an idiot.

Anonymous said...

A morion? Also, your blog sucks fsuitstime guy.

Anonymous said...

Morion? Uh... anyway...

I think it's also worth noting that Spurrier was also responding to these shots from high school coaches:

That has Grooms wondering if Bowman was caught in a numbers crunch as South Carolina tried to get closer to its maximum of 25 scholarships. USC initially signed 32 before academic casualties began to whittle the class down.

"All I know is my kid got weeded out," Grooms said. "I know for a fact that there were other kids' transcripts that didn't look as good as his. I know that. I do. ... I guess they just play different positions."

After Bowman was denied admission last month, the athletics director at his high school, Fred Davis, told a North Carolina newspaper that Bowman was a victim of the Gamecocks’ oversigning during recruiting season. USC’s top-10 recruiting class included 32 players — five more than the Gamecocks were able to bring in this year under NCAA rules.

Anonymous said...

I think this entire situation is hilarious.

It is nice watching the hopes and dreams of thousands of USuC fans crumbling at the feet of their head coach, the Ol Ball Sac, and his trashy feathered fanboys. All of the "internet fans" think that they are on their way to being a national powerhouse. Give me a freaking break.

Thousands of Gamecock Club members have already pulled out due to higher membership costs - what true fans! I guess they figured the second mortgages they were taking out to pay for their dues could be better used towards bond money to bail their felon relatives out of jail.

The USuC football program will always be mediocre at best. Things never change. What kind of decent recruit would actually want to come to such a crime-infested scum-covered trash hole that is Willy Brice and the surrounding area/campus?

Not to mention the "Doo Doo Ice" they'll have to taste each time they grab a drink off the tray. Who would want to taste ice thats made using a city sewer line as its main source of "water?"

...and they think they're going to get an SEC East title! LMFAO!

Anonymous said...

My blog may suck but you have a coach that is indeed a moron and an illiterate yokel. USC fans deserve him.

Anonymous said...

Fuck all you taters, you know he's going to kick your asses anyway.

just something else for you guys to worry about.

Anonymous said...

Fuck all you taters. you guys are scared to death, because you know you fuckers are going to get your asses whipped, anyway.

Anonymous said... caught us, we're scared to death...(rolls eyes)...

Just shut your damn mouth you stupid bastard...South Carolina will never be worth a damn. This is evident in the fact that you guys think that after an 8-win season, you're going to win the SEC Championship next year. Give me a break.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog.

shows you people are very insecure, and on top of that, scared.

It must be tough having Tommy bowden as your coach, and then relying on div 1-AA teams to get you to 7 wins.

You fucks are sad.