Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Show Me State Tries to Stick It to Nebraska

Missouri fan Joe DeSimone, a frequent poster on message boards, became enraged last week when Nebraska fans flooded a Tiger website with messages.

"These arrogant Nebraska fans," DeSimone told Mike Dearmond of the Kansas City Star, "they think they’re so entitled to be great because they were once great."

DeSimone decided to try and make life difficult for the Cornhusker faithful, who will spill into the Show Me State on Oct. 6 in an attempt to turn Faurot Field into a sea of red. DeSimone started a campaign to help sell tickets to Missouri fans and keep the invaders out of Columbia, and it appears his efforts have been a success. Missouri officials said the ticket office was flooded with calls last week from Tiger fans wanting to purchase tickets.

"For the first time in my life, I think there are going to be fewer than 15,000 Nebraska fans at Faurot Field." he said.

Nebraska was guaranteed a ticket allotment of only 3,850. Another 4,000 tickets went on sale last Friday, but DeSimone said Tiger fans snapped up more than half of that allotment.

A block of 10,000 tickets remain for late-buying season-ticket holders, but DeSimone is optimistic that his followers will snare up to 7,000 of that allotment.


Todd said...

They can't even sellout the Nebraska game? Pathetic...

Anonymous said...

Who said we cant sell it out? What we are trying to do is keep Nebraska out, that doesn't mean we can't sell it out, it means Fusker fans are quick to grab them.

Anonymous said...

I'm Joe DeSimone from Kansas City. This game is essentially a sell out. No one said we couldn't sell the game out, we just wanted to make SURE it was sold out to MU fans only as much as we could. We accomplished that by holding all the tickets back until the last possible release date exclusively to MU scholarship fund donors and season ticket holders. The Nub fans are pissed. Great job by Tiger fans. - Joe