Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Great Schedule Creator Is Back at It

We told you last Friday about reader Tom's fantastic college football schedule link. He has been tinkering with it the past few days and his creation has evolved into something really special. Again, you must check this out! The link is here, and we've also updated the link on our Wiz Resources page, under Toolbox, titled Strangest Brew Schedule.

We will let Tom explain all the new features:

"This update allows you to make your own schedule grid. You input your time zone, week range, whether or not you want logos and then select your teams. Teams can be selected individually or each conference can be selected by clicking the appropriate button. The grid can be as small as 1 team for 1 week up to the full grid for the whole season.

"I plan on trying to keep the schedule dates/times up to date during the season and may add in scores of completed games and TV data if I can easily import the data."

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Penn State Football said...

Great work, even for a Buckeye!