Saturday, August 25, 2007

Didn't Know This Was Legal in Huntington

What do you get when you mix women + alcohol + muscular young college men modeling uniforms? A Chippendales moment at Marshall.

The Thundering Herd held their annual football clinic for women Thursday night, and from the looks of the photos, such at this one courtesy of Mark Webb of the Herald-Dispatch, the ladies really enjoyed themselves. And Marshall players didn't seem to mind, either.

Rumor has it a few of the ladies even ran out of dollar bills.

Clinics for women have gained popularity over the years and we're not sure if they are all like Marshall's event, but if they are, a few husbands probably want to know about it.

For more photos, check out the slideshow from the Herald-Dispatch. Thanks to Greg.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

KInd of degrading to the players. Would they have cheerleaders out like this for men? Doubt it.

shep. said...

something tells me not a single one of these players felt degraded. man, what I would do for more programs like this! if it meant I could see Tim Federowicz in just his pants, for example, I would even pretend to forget the infield fly rule.