Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Score a 'W' for Wisconsin

Wisconsin officials have put a stiff-arm on a Texas high school and forced it to find a new logo.

Wisconsin's logo, left, was trademarked 11 years ago. Then came word that The Woodlands High in the Houston suburb of the same name was using a slanted W, right. Wisconsin said the high school's logo was too similar and that the use of it diluted the Badgers' identity and reduced the value to the university.

"I honestly don't think it's all that big of a deal," Woodlands High senior Kevin Waller told Houston's KTRK-TV. "I mean, we're all the way down across the country."

Woodlands is not alone. Wisconsin reportedly has asked 40 schools in 26 states to change their Ws.


Anonymous said...

seriously...does anyone like wisconsin?

Anonymous said...

All schools affiliated with the CLC do this crap..bunch of bullies.

Bruce said...

I think this fits the definition of douchebaggery. It's not like it's another university using the logo. If anything I would think it helps raise the profile of Wisconsin.

Erik said...

I can actually understand in this case, because it's close enough to Wisconson's 'W' to confuse.

The proper response would have been, "Hey, we think your W is close enough to ours that it can confuse some folks, would you mind just copying ours completely?"

It wouldn't be unheard-of.