Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Nobody Is Perfect

Once again we venture into the murky world of online wagering to see what the betting public believes will happen this season. The site Bodog has posted odds for number of victories for several teams. Louisiana State leads the list with an over/under number set at 10.5 regular season victories.

Nick Saban's plan to put Alabama back in the national title picture will have to wait, it appears. The Crimson Tide's over/under is 8.5. And they might be in for a bit of a letdown at Notre Dame, which is listed at 7.5 at the time of this posting.

The second set of numbers come us from the Las Vegas Hilton and were sent to us by a reader who wishes to remain anonymous. That group of numbers list the odds for winning the conference title games in the Atlantic Coast, Big 12 and Southeastern conferences.

Regular season victories
(Team must play all regular season games for action. Bowl and conference championship games do not count.)

Louisiana State
Louisville, Michigan, Oklahoma, Texas
California, Florida, Florida State, Penn State
Auburn, Georgia, Nebraska, Ohio State, Tennessee, UCLA
Alabama, Iowa, Miami,
Arkansas, Clemson, Texas Tech
Kansas State, Notre Dame, Texas A&M
Arizona, Georgia Tech, Oregon, South Carolina

Odds to win conference title games
(Las Vegas Hilton, current as of 7-16)

Atlantic Coast Conference
Virginia Tech even; Florida State 5-2; Miami 7-2; Clemson 12-1; Georgia Tech 12-1; Wake Forest 25-1; Boston College 25-1; North Carolina State 25-1; Virginia 25-1; Maryland 40-1; North Carolina 100-1; Duke 1000-1.

Big 12
Oklahoma 8-5; Texas 8-5; Nebraska 4-1; Missouri 7-1; Texas A&M 10-1; Kansas State 15-1; Colorado 18-1; Oklahoma State 40-1; Texas Tech 100-1; Kansas 100-1; Baylor 500-1; Iowa State 500-1.

Louisiana State even; Florida 5-2; Georgia 6-1; Tennessee 6-1; Auburn 12-1; Arkansas 12-1; Alabama 12-1; South Carolina 40-1; Kentucky 100-1; Vanderbilt 500-1; Mississippi 500-1; Mississippi State 500-1.

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