Friday, July 13, 2007

Former OU Lineman Quinn: 'Get a Real Job'

One of the reasons Oklahoma found itself in trouble again with the NCAA was offensive lineman J.D. Quinn. Back on Aug. 1, 2006, Quinn, along with quarterback Rhett Bomar, acknowledged taking money they didn't earn from Big Red Sports/Imports. The next day, Quinn and Bomar were dismissed from the team.

Quinn, who has since transferred to Montana, was reached by Brian Brinkley of Oklahoma City TV station KFOR and asked to comment on the sanctions. We find it interesting that he told Brinkley to "get a real job," especially considering that Quinn's "job" at Big Red helped put the Sooners on probation.

Quinn likely won't be welcomed back in Oklahoma should he ever return. As for his new home in Montana, his comments have yet to draw much reaction at the Montana site The Grizzoulian. Thanks to Brian over at AOL Fanhouse.

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