Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Clausen to Sit This One Out?

We possibly have another piece of the puzzle in the Jimmy Clausen mystery. Dennis Dodd of CBS Sportsline quotes David Frazer, the father of quarterback Zach Frazer, who recently transferred from Notre Dame to Connecticut, as saying "Clausen won't play this year."

David Frazer also suggests that Notre Dame coach Crewcut Charlie Weis has already determined his starter.

"From what we know [Evan] Sharpley is going to be the guy. [Demetrius] Jones will be put in for a few trick plays." (Take note, opposing coaches.)

The Notre Dame blog Blue-Gray Sky is taking exception to Dodd's "editorialzing." [sic]

Clausen, the most celebrated Notre Dame recruit since Ron Powlus, graduated in December from California's Oaks Christian High and arrived last winter in South Bend as damaged goods. Jim Clausen Sr., told the Chicago Sun-Times in March that his son played last fall for Oaks Christian with an elbow injury.

On June 12th, the site Log's Blog reported that Clausen had surgery to remove bone spurs on his right (throwing) elbow and would be out for the season. Notre Dame officials then acknowledged that Clausen had a "procedure" on an elbow, but didn't indicate which elbow it was. This raised questions about Crewcut's credibility.

As for when Clausen had the surgery, it apparently took place on June 5 and was performed by famed orthopedic surgeon James Andrews of Birmingham. An eagle-eyed tipster alerted Blue-Gray Sky to an Atlanta Journal-Constitution article about Andrews that described his 15 surgeries that day, which included "an incoming freshman quarterback who needed a quick elbow repair in time for the start of the season."

Thanks to our friends at Image of Sport for the shot of Clausen.

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PJC said...

I don't understand why you keep beating the Weis lacks credibility drumbeat. He said Clausen was full to go prior to spring practice; Clausen thereafter did not miss a single spring practice and played in the Blue-Gold Game. When asked about the injury situation after the blog report, ND reported that he had a procedure done on his elbow after spring practice and would be back for fall practice. Point me to where ND was anything less than forthright. Do you want them to hold a press conference everytime Clausen has a cold? No school would do that for any player.

Sharpley may or may not start but I doubt Dodd or the Frazers know much more than anyone reading your blog. They still have three weeks of fall practice to go through when anything could happen.