Thursday, June 28, 2007

Florida State Recruits Banned From Disney

Five Florida State recruits, including Moses McCray, left, are considering legal action against the Walt Disney Company after an incident Friday night at Downtown Disney in Orlando.

The players were ejected and banned for life from the theme park under Downtown Disney's new beefed up anti-gang policy.

The Tampa Tribune reports that Orange County sheriff department records show that deputies have issued 48 trespass warnings at Downtown Disney in the past two weekends. Of those, 46 were bans for life and 45 of those people were black or Hispanic.

All five of the Florida State recruits are black. The father of one recruit, Nick Moody, is Philadelphia civil rights lawyer Adrian Moody. "I can tell you this, based on what I know now, it sounds like [racial] profiling to me. These are good kids. It's sad for them to have to go through something like this," he said.

Disney spokeswoman Jacquee Polak defended the theme park's action: "This particular group of guests was seen loitering for a particularly long time at the Downtown Disney complex," she said. Polak added that when the players were asked to leave, they refused.

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