Monday, May 21, 2007

Project 119 in Champaign — and Beyond

Less than a month ago, we received an email from Dave Farris. "Everyone needs goals in life and hobbies. I have decided on a goal that is both unattainable and utterly ridiculous. It is my goal to go and see all 119 NCAA Division I-A football stadiums before I die."

"I know that this has kind of been done before by a couple of guys who have gone to see all of the Major League Baseball stadiums, but those guys are obviously pussies. What are there, like 30 of those?"

The man had a plan and he had a site, Project 119, that had documented his 18 stadium visits.

Since that email, much has changed. During a three-day trip to 17 stadiums that covered nearly 2,100 miles, Dave and his posse of Shawn Wuske and Tony Galietti were interviewed by ABC affiliate WICD in Champaign.

His total now stands at 35, and he's preparing to hit the road again. The trip is called "The Great Nor'Easter" and is detailed in the map below, provided by Map Game Day. There are nine stadiums on this tour, and the trip will put him over a third of the way toward his goal.

Dave says he has already "talked to some people about Army, Boston College and Syracuse. I am curious about getting into Navy, so if you are a cadet and know where to get some help, that'd be great."

If you're at the Naval Academy or any of the other destinations and can help this road warrior, you can reach him at: dave (at) project119 (dot) com.

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