Friday, April 20, 2007

I Want My Big Ten TV

The battle lines are being drawn. The Big Ten Network is set to launch in less than 15 weeks, but unless you have DirecTV, there is a good chance you won't be able to get the network, even if you live in Big Ten country.

Sports Business Journal reports the network is asking cable providers to pay $1.10 per subscriber in the Big Ten area. The price has major cable companies balking because they don't want to pass the additional fees onto customers. By comparison, ESPN charges $3 per subscriber and the NFL Network only 70 cents.

Another problem: The Chicago Tribune reports many cable companies don't have room on basic tiers to add another channel.

The Big Ten, believing it has the upper hand, is counting on fans to pressure cable companies once the network goes live. The cable companies usually cave and then pass along the cost to the complaining customers. Beautiful how this works, isn't it?

Thanks to Kevin of We Are Penn State.


Coke Zero said...

This is a huge problem for some of us. I live in a large city on the edge of Big 10 country. Each team is guaranteed to have at least 2 football games on the B10 Network. So, unless something miraculous happens, I will not get to see my favorite team.

What a crock.

Penn State Football said...

I'm so glad I fired Comcast in favor of DirecTV years ago.