Sunday, April 29, 2007

How the NFL Draft Mirrors Recruiting

We view the NFL draft much like we view recruiting: A whole lot of coverage about nothing. OK, maybe that is a tad harsh, but Tom Kirkendall has an excellent post about what the draft is really about: Finding the hidden gems.

Kirkendall points to a Wall Street Journal article (subscription only) by Allen St. John that examined the five drafts before this weekend's gathering at Radio City Music Hall. Of the 80 position players who made the All-Pro teams since 2002, 35, or 44%, were not drafted in the first round. In fact, 21 All-Pros weren't picked until the third round or later. Five of the All-Pros went undrafted.

And of the No. 1 pick in the draft, only one — Peyton Manning — became an All-Pro. So don't be surprised when that can't-miss blue chip prep player your college team signed misses and the kid who was an afterthought becomes the star of the team.

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