Friday, April 20, 2007

Cyclone Nation Gets Recharged

Because many of our readers enjoy an adult beverage from time to time, it's time to provide a sure-fire question that will win a bar bet. Name the three returning college quarterbacks with most career passing yards. The answer: Hawaii's Colt Brennan (9,850), Michigan's Chad Henne (7,777) and — this will win it for you — Iowa State's Bret Meyer (7,348).

Cyclone Nation is energized with the return of Meyer and the addition of new coach Gene Chizik. A record 32,024 season tickets have been sold, and fans got their first look at Chizik's troops last Saturday during the spring game.

We'd like to thank David of 1430 KASI in Ames for the shots. He got motivated after seeing the Cyclones' rival featured earlier this week. "As an Iowa State grad I cannot let the pictures of the Hawkeyes stand!" he said.

If you have photos from your team's spring game and would like to share them with our audience, please send them to dawizofodds (at) Previous spring game coverage: Iowa, Georgia, USC, Auburn.


Anonymous said...

Spring game attendance
Iowa -- 20,000
Iowa State -- 7,000

Season tickets sold
Iowa -- 65,000
Iowa State -- 32,000

IH8ST8 said...

Poor little brother!!

Thought ISU didn't give a hoot about IOWA??

"As an Iowa State grad I cannot let the pictures of the Hawkeyes stand out!" he said.

JoeyRed said...

That last picture looks like a normal Home game when ISU isn't playing Nebraska or in state teams (UNI, IOWA).


Anonymous said...

Gotta love the 'Clones!

Brady said...

I know it's early in the year, but the field looks like a cow pasture in those pictures.

What the hell is the grounds crew doing??

Oh, and Go Hawks!