Monday, February 19, 2007

Nutt Airs It Out

Now that athletic director Frank Broyles is set to retire at the end of the year, the attention turns to the future of Houston Nutt. Yes, Arkansas officials have announced their plans to give Nutt a pay raise, but one has to think that the coach will be "available" at the end of the season. His supportive boss is leaving, the controversy surrounding the departure of assistant Gus Malzahn never seems to go away and Mitch Mustain, his hotshot quarterback recruit from a year ago who was 8-0 as a starter, is preparing to transfer. That said, Nutt let it all hang out in an extended interview with Alex Abrams and Harry King of the Morning News. The lengthy interview — all 72 minutes — has been transcribed into a pdf document. Not many coaches open up like this, and it's almost as if Nutt is extending an olive branch for one last time in an effort to heal the division in the Razorback Nation. Of particular interest are Nutt's comments on how his relationship with Mustain and his mother suddenly went sour, seemingly around the same time Malzahn left for Tulsa. Thanks to Pig Kahuna.

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