Monday, January 08, 2007

Title Game Rosters? That Is So Last Week

Map Game Day, without a doubt, remains one of the coolest college football sites around. And in preparation for Monday night's Bowl Championship Series title game between Ohio State and Florida, Map Game Day has come through again. The site has a geographical representation of the rosters of the Buckeyes and Gators. The top map shows hometowns of the Gators. The bottom map shows hometowns of the Buckeyes. Yes, that's Durban, South Africa, if you were wondering. It's the hometown of Ohio State kicker Ryan Pretorius (No. 85). See, you're already the smartest guy in the room! Like we said, brilliant stuff. ... But enough of our yakking. You can check out the goodies by clicking here. A direct link to the Gators is here and a direct link to the Buckeyes is here. Enjoy!

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