Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sports Illustrated Says It Fell for Hoax

An official from Sports Illustrated acknowledges the magazine was duped. As we reported Friday, the item that ran in the latest issue of the magazine titled "Sign of the Apocalypse" was part of a hoax. The item stated that "A West Virginia fan was photographed defecating on a seat in the Georgia Tech band seating area during the Gator Bowl." The story included a link to photos, one of which we display with this post. The photos were credited to George P. Burdell, a fictional character long used in practical jokes by Georgia Tech students and alumni. "We realize it was a hoax," Rick McCabe, who works in SI's communications department, told Mitch Vingle of the Charleston Gazette. "And we're pleased to find out the incident never occurred. We apologize for the error." McCabe told Vingle that he didn't know if the magazine would issue a retraction.

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I think SI has been duped into believing it was a hoax. Burdell's name is used by many, many alumni posters and is *not* indicative of it being a hoax. I guess this is just an opinion, but it is more indicitave of a GT poster who is both an alum and a traditionalist, as it is a moniker that few would recognize outside of Tech.

Anonymous said...

You mean to tell me SI reports with questionable sources.

Mike Price could've told you that. How much did they have to pay him? 8 figures, easy. Tsk, Tsk.

Anonymous said...

Fan Admits to Defecating in Seat at Gator Bowl

(Jacksonville, Fla) - A mysterious man shown squatting over a seat in the section reserved for the Georgia Tech band at the Gator Bowl in photos circulating around the internet has been identified as Todd Lewis, 21, a student at Georgia Tech.

Lewis, one of only 23 Georgia Tech fans who attended the Yellow Jackets' Gator Bowl loss, has admitted to the defecating, saying it stemmed from an argument he had with his boyfriend who is a member of the Georgia Tech band.

"My boyfriend was sleeping around with several members of the football team so I decided to give him a present when he came back to his seat," Lewis said. Lewis claimed he was under a lot of pressure during the game. "My boyfriend was cheating on me, my team couldn't win a championship in the worst conference in football, and I knew West Virginia would come out and pummel us in the second half. I just couldn't take it anymore, and took it out on my boyfriend," Lewis said.

Georgia Tech, located in a state known only for the movie 'Deliverance' will likely not be invited back to the Gator Bowl. The Gator Bowl committee will soon decide. When asked, the committee cited the defecating incident, the beatdown on the field, and the fact that 23 fans, who all travelled to the Gator Bowl in the bed of a rusted 1970 Chevrolet pickup truck, were the only Tech supporters who showed up for the game despite their relatively close proximity to Jacksonville.

In the game Georgia Tech could not slow down West Virginia's offense despite injuries that kept star running back Steve Slaton sidelined and QB Pat White limping around in pain the whole game. West Virginia won 38-35.

Anonymous said...

If WVU does not receive a full apology from SI, they need to sue the shit out of them! Beating GT is no big task, it was expected. When WVU beat UGa, that was a task that they still talk about. GT, they are just a sad group of fans that instead of accepting getting beaten, they have to result to fabricatng a story to to try and ruin a schools reputation. Pretty sad!

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We have all bombarded them with emails demanding a story retraction in the next issue. Some are cancelling subscriptions. Wish I could, but I've never had a subscription to that sorry junk they call a magazine.