Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Are Gophers Digging Another Hole?

First came word that Minnesota hired a coach, a guy named Tim Brewster. Then came the question: Tim who? He hasn't been a head coach since high school and has never been an offensive or defensive coordinator in college or the NFL. Minnesota officials are spreading the word about Brewster being a master recruiter, but his son Clint, who is one of the nation's top prep quarterbacks, has committed to Illinois, and that isn't likely to change. Said Clint: "I think it would be pretty cool to play against him. I'm looking forward to it." OK then, who is Brewster? He has spent the past five seasons in the NFL, most recently as tight ends coach of the Denver Broncos. Brewster will have to sell himself to boosters. Only time will tell if he is the right guy.


Anonymous said...

-As a former assistant to Mack Brown at Texas, Brewster played an integral part in landing quarterback Vince Young.-

Wow! While working for the flagship university in the state, he landed an in-state QB. Not to downplay his ability but it's easy to get good players in Texas. They're everywhere.

Minnesota on the other hand... said...

I don't know if it's fair to hold Brewster's son's committment against him. Brewster played at Illinois and his son grew up an Illini fan all his life.