Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Expert Analysis From Desmond Howard

Brad, our new favorite correspondent, has come through again, sending us this gem of gems first posted on The 12th Manchild, fast becoming one of our favorite stops. Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you ESPN's Desmond Howard. Just watch and listen. Simply amazing. For those of you slow to catch on, Texas A&M is California's opponent in the Holiday Bowl, not Texas. As Brad points out, at least the graphics department got it right.


Zach Landres-Schnur said...

two things:

1. no one thought to correct howard?! kinda like when you have something stuck in your teeth and nobody cares to say anything.

2. cal vs. texas sure would be a good game. maybe ESPN can do some simulated crap based on people's votes to see who'd win. like people's votes solve everything.

Anonymous said...

Cal would destroy Texas. Mack has had one super-human athlete which helped him win big games, in whose absence even last year the Horns would have lost at least 3 games, just like this year. A&M will probably be the better team over the next 10-year cycle, as Texas becomes a talented underachiever yet again.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the props & the link.

here's Desmond's apology on the Hot Seat this afternoon