Friday, December 22, 2006

Alabama Continues Its Search for a Coach

OK, this is cold, but we laughed! This photo arrived to us from the Midwest Correspondent with the following caption: "Photo of Alabama coaching search committee pursuing their man." Yes, you could say the Crimson Tide's search has come to a dead end. Does anybody want this job? Miami Dolphin coach Nick Saban, despite continued speculation that he is headed to Tuscaloosa, issued his strongest public denial to date, saying he's not interested. "I don't know what else I can say," he said. At this point, Saban must feel like taking out a temporary restraining order against persistent Alabama officials. ... Just a reminder that we are not the only ones chuckling over the search in T-Town. The Tennessee site Loser With Socks continues to hammer away.

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Pete said...

Again: reading is your friend.

You write: "Saban must feel like taking out a temporary restraining order against persistent Alabama officials."

The article says: "After another media report linked him to the vacant University of Alabama coaching position"

It's not Alabama Officials who are talking to Saban about the Alabama job. It's the media (and bloggers) who don't have enough material and need to create something. It's all speculation, nothing has come out of the Athletic Department, and every indication is that the search is on hold until after the Holidays (at least) and possibly until after Bowl Season.

A more accurate appraisal of what's happening is this: Media types spill a lot of ink and pixels talking about who Alabama could and should hire. They get so wrapped up in the speculation that they stop distinguishing between media and the University (see, e.g., your post here). Then they can't believe that a coach hasn't been hired, so they poke fun and claim that nobody must want the job, on the faulty assumption that if they are writing about it, surely Alabama must be working really hard on it and just coming up empty.

Yes, it's a target-rich environment... and a lot of people (bloggers especially) have run it right into the ground... but you might try, I don't know, reading the articles that you're linking to. All of them. And then taking action based on their actual contents. It's a strange concept, for sure, but if you practice a little I'm sure you'll get the hang of it.