Sunday, November 05, 2006

'You're Going on YouTube!'

A UCLA fan gets the crap beat out of him at halftime of the Bruins' game against California at Berkeley. Now the best part of this comes around the 1:45 mark when the person filming the video yells to the Bruin fan, "You're going on YouTube!" Thanks to Zach of The Big Picture and U Dub Dish for finding this gem.
Update: The video, which was taken down, is back up! And Bruins Nation, which has a different angle, says the guy who stands up is not a UCLA fan. Rather he's a Cal fan. Go figure.
Update II: Video has been taken down a second time. Below is the video from another angle, first found by Bruins Nation.


greg6363 said...

The video has been removed.

dawizofodds said...

If anybody has a new link, please let us know.

The Wiz

Anonymous said...

i've never seen so many nerds in one place.