Thursday, November 02, 2006

We Report, You Decide

The Big 12 has completed its review of the officiating in Saturday's Texas-Texas Tech game and neither league officials or Red Raider athletic director Gerald Myers had much to say regarding the findings. On Monday, Texas Tech send a videotape of 18 calls, no-calls or rulings that it disputed in a 35-31 loss to the Longhorns in Lubbock. Now one fan has taken it upon himself to break down the game film and detail several of the calls in question. Joe of the fine site Irish Round Table alerted us to these videos, and neither he or the Wiz have a dog in this fight. But the combined 14 minutes of video detail some iffy calls. And just to be fair, there no doubt were instances of Texas Tech players getting by with shenanigans in the game. Also take note that we didn't hear any complaints from the Red Raiders last Nov. 19 when they benefited from several controversial calls in a 23-21 victory over Oklahoma. Texas Tech officials even used the final controversial play of that game in a promotional campaign. Nonetheless, the hardcore fans in our audience will want to take a look at what happened Saturday in Lubbock. Video one (it takes a few seconds to get rolling) is above this post and the second video is below.


Brian said...

I don't have time to watch all the video right now but from the very first play in the top video I can tell this must be from some whiny Tech fan. Michael Griffin hits the WR just at the same time the ball is directly over him, meaning it's not early and not pass interference. I don't know what "the pass is clearly thrown in the direction of the receiver" has to do with anything.

On the second play... just because he didn't signal fair catch doesn't mean he can nail a guy. You don't expect a punt returner to hit you while you're waiting for him to catch the ball. The football was 20 yards away and the hit was completely unnecessary... you know the definition of "unnecessary roughness."

The fact that he concludes USC's loss had something to do with the officiating is hilarious. For one thing that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard, and for another USC lost before the game even started so why didn't they conspire to screw Tech in the first half??

Brian said...

Oh and near the end of the second video on the pass interference call... just because he's in position to make a play doesn't mean he can use his body to knock a guy out of the way. The WR (Pittman) is trying to make a catch and the Tech DB bumps him out of the way, again the definition of pass interference.

The guy needs to learn that anytime you're agreeing with the TBS announcers you're probably wrong. Those guys were bad all night.

Anonymous said...

You really undermine the credibility of this site when you post this kind of garbage. The first three plays are really ridiculous.
The first is a legal hit, unless you want 75% of incomplete passes to draw a flag. The ball is already past the receiver and uncatchable. The DB delivers a shot, but it's not vicious.
The second is clearly a helmet-to-helmet hit (you can see the player's helmet literally snap back) on a guy who isn't even looking. That's going to draw a flag.
As for the holding - if that is holding, Texas is held on 80% of its plays. And Notre Dame holds on 100% of its offensive plays. Officials just aren't calling that as a hold. Get over it.

Anonymous said...

Also, the pass interference was OBVIOUS. The DB was not making a play on the ball. If he had been, he probably would have gotten an easy interception. He was playing the reciever and turned around at the last second after seeing the reciever coming back to the ball and ensuring he could block the reciever from coming back. Either player could have made a play on the ball. The WR was trying to come back, the DB looked like he was trying to stop him.

As for the QB being over the LOS. Maybe a bad call, but he was in his wind up before he crossed the LOS and officials rarely pick nits on that call unless the DBs don't maintain coverage. Plus the pass was incomplete! Does Tech fan really think 5 yards would have made a difference?

Finally, the spot. When the guy catches the ball it is on his facemask, and at least his legs are still behind the UNOFFICIAL yellow line. After the DB hits him, it is on his left shoulder, but at that point his whole body and ball are behind the line. There's nothing "conclusive" about the replay.

Anonymous said...

"The pass on this play is clearly thrown in the direction of the reciever before he is hit, therefore the ball should be ruled catchable, and pass inteference would be the correct call."

Yea, I'm done watching this.

Anonymous said...

The fact that Tech fans are bemoaning questionable officiating in this game after defending the horrific hometown officiating in the Oklahoma game last year is hilarious.