Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Real McCoy

Before he was Colt McCoy, Texas quarterback, he was Colt McCoy, pitchman for his uncle's store. McCoy, who was the victim of a brutal cheap shot in Friday's loss to rival Texas A&M, stars in this 2003 commercial for James McCoy's Drug Store in Abilene.


Anonymous said...

Go back and watch the tape of the ATM / Texas game it was not a cheap shot. He threw an interception and then began to walk off while the play was still going, at that point even the pretty boy quaterback becomes a defender and can be blocked. The hit was on the side and close to being in the back, but it was not at all brutal or malicious, in fact it was probably the least amount of contact necessary to knock McCoy to the ground. The quarterback is a football player too, I think that is too often forgotten as everyone tries to pamper and protect them.

Anonymous said...

Man, don't be a homer. As a neutral observer, I can say with 100% certainty that it was a cheap shot, whether the play was over or not.

Anonymous said...

Comment #1 is definitely a homer. The player who hit the Longhorn QB (Colt McCoy) wouldn't have been ejected from the game if it wasn't a flagrant cheapshot.

It's a rivalry game -- but come on, play like with some pride, some sportsmanship. The objective of the game isn't to hurt people (at least not intentionally).

semitough said...

"victim of a brutal cheap shot"?

Since when did so many football fans go pansy. If you want players thrown out of the game for physical play I suggest soccer.