Monday, October 23, 2006

Week 9

Ohio State might be the No. 1 team in the country in the eyes of most people, but our knowledgeable readers know that's simply not the case. Central Michigan is No. 1 where it really counts — Las Vegas. That is where the "official" record is kept, as in who is covering the spread and who isn't. The Chippewas are 8-0 against the number and the last team with an unblemished record. The mighty Buckeyes? A mere 7-1. Good luck catching Central Michigan. The Chippewas don't play this week, so they will retain their top spot until the Nov. 4 round of games. Now just because our No. 1 Chips are not in action, that is no reason to fret. We still have some exceptional games, with the action starting Thursday when Clemson travels to Virginia Tech. Friday brings Texas El Paso at Tulsa (another good cover team), then we jump into the meat of the schedule. Here's a sample of Saturday's games: Texas at Texas Tech; Tennessee at South Carolina; Georgia and Florida (at Jacksonville ... think cocktails); Miami at Georgia Tech; Oklahoma at Missouri and Nebraska at Oklahoma State. Get all the updated numbers from trustworthy Doc's Sports, one of our sponsors.

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