Sunday, October 29, 2006

How USC's Loss Shakes Up the BCS

USC's stunning defeat to Oregon State has left the Bowl Championship Series standings in a state of confusion. Now instead of waiting until Fox decides it is good and ready to announce the standings on Sunday, you can pay a visit to the BCS Guru and get the standings right now — commercial-free we might add. According to the Guru, here are the top 10 teams, in order: 1. Ohio State; 2. Michigan; 3. West Virginia; 4. Auburn; 5. Florida; 6. Texas; 7. Louisville; 8. USC; 9. Tennessee; 10. Notre Dame. Obviously, Thursday night's West Virginia-Louisville game has taken on added importance because of USC's loss. The Mountaineer-Cardinal winner will have an inside track to the BCS title game because Michigan and Ohio State have yet to play. The Wolverine-Buckeye matchup is shaping up as an elimination game. But we leave all things BCS to the Guru, because after all, he is the Guru. He will be updating his site throughout the day on Sunday and we urge you to check it out.
Update: Link to the complete standings.

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Anonymous said...

It would appear BCS guru doesn't know what he's doing. Those rankings are no more accurate than any fan's guesswork.