Tuesday, October 31, 2006

How to Cash In on the Tar Heel Opening

FanBlogs has an update on the coaching opening at North Carolina and sums up its feelings on West Virginia's Rich Rodriguez reportedly being a Tar Heel candidate with one word: Flabbergasting. We'll add this: Unlikely. What Rodriguez is doing is gaining leverage in an attempt to renegotiate his contract with West Virginia at the expense of North Carolina. Check out the message boards at 850 the Buzz. Tar Heels fans are onto Rodriguez. Also joining us in this line of thinking is Football Scoop. Now if Rodriguez were to leave, it likely would be to replace Bobby Bowden at Florida State, or perhaps Larry Coker at Miami. At the moment, there are no openings at Florida State and Miami, leaving North Carolina as the only card that Rodriguez can play this week, the biggest week in the Mountaineers' season. It's all about timing and nobody realizes this better than Rodriguez.


Tar Heel Fan said...

Yeah, we are on to him. It has been said that Frank Beamer actually was being sincere when he wanted the job and changed his mind when he got back to Blacksburg. Rodirguez is so obviously looking for a pay day it is not even funny. I also think hiring someone who would dumped their alma mater and national contender team to go to UNC will be looking for the next pay day as soon as he closes on his house in Chapel Hill. Thanks, but no thanks.

Anonymous said...

tar heel fan:

Laughable propositions, at best. Why come to a school where fball is #2, or mabye even #3? Women's soccer is pretty good at UNC, I hear.

How does a native of a coal mining town currently making a mil a year--with bonuses--want 1.25 mil instead?

Get over yourself. UNC is not an attractive job. Just ask Mack Brown.