Saturday, October 14, 2006

Game of the Week

We're a day late with our game of the week, but there is a method to our madness. The Wiz has the hottest handicapper this side of Las Vegas in Mark Mathis, and being the superstitious fools we are, publishing his weekly winner on Friday the 13th would risk blemishing his 6-0 record. And let it be known that we haven't been lobbing softballs at Mathis. We pick the toughest games, so going 6-0 is quite the feat. This week's game is another biggie: Florida at Auburn. So let's see what the man has to say:

"There I was, gloating over my 6-0 start. Getting cocky about my predictions. That dude from 'Two For The Money' had nothing on me! I'm good and I get it right every week. Then the Wizard hit me with Florida at Auburn. You sure don't get to enjoy a victory around here very long.

"Henry Ford once said, 'Failure is only the opportunity to more intelligently begin again.' If only you did not have to begin again against Florida. Auburn took it on the chin last week, but I never thought they were that good. I still don't.

"Auburn has not lost two games in a row in a long time. Well, they will this week. Look for Florida to tear them up there in Auburn. I am going with Florida to win, 28-10.

"Clear skies on Saturday night in Alabama. Temperature at kickoff will be 68 with a south wind."

Pat Dooley, Gainesville Sun: Think Auburn and it brings back bad memories for Florida fans. Like the 2001 game, when the No. 1 Gators were upset by the Tigers.

Irish Round Table: Yes, it's true. The Notre Dame blog has the official ABC/ESPN video promo for the game.

Evan Woodbery, Mobile Press-Register: Auburn out of the SEC title picture? Think again. But a loss Saturday would dash the Tigers' hopes.

Kevin Scarbinsky: Birmingham News: Leak-Tebow, or Le-Bo for short, gives Florida two ways to win.

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