Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Urine for a Bad Time at N.C. State

And you thought coach Chuck Amato was North Carolina State's biggest problem. Well, get a load of this. It appears students have been relieving themselves in the stands at Carter-Finley Stadium. "I know people were urinating in their sections," student body president Will Quick said. "I have heard reports of individuals being splashed by urine." Yes, we know the Wolfpack played Saturday's game against Boston College under the threat of showers, but little did we realize the forecast called for golden showers! ... Officials say the problem can be traced to overcrowding in certain sections of student seating. It starts with students making copies of friends' tickets with more desirable seats. These sections become overcrowded. Officials then tell anybody leaving one of these sections that they won't be allowed back in, even if they need to use the bathroom. So the solution for many is to relieve themselves in the stands. Thanks to Joe Ovies at 850 and 620 The Blog.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the Wolfpack fans should take a page out of the Penn State fan manual and relieve themselves into a bag and toss it at the visting school's band.

Cool Hand Mike said...

Better to get pissed off than get pissed on!

Anonymous said...

Guess Wolfpack is #1.