Thursday, September 28, 2006

Shuler Race Is Heating Up

They know how to hold a grudge in Washington. Former Tennessee quarterback Heath Shuler, who won the Democratic primary in North Carolina's 11th District last May, is now in a neck-and-neck race with incumbent Charles Taylor. But a website based in Washington does not want the former first-round bust of the Redskins back in town. Stop Shuler is on the attack, producing Internet ads like the one above. In the interest of fairness, we present all sides. The site Scrutiny Hooligans, which says Taylor has outspent Shuler 4-1 on media buys, has produced a segment supporting Shuler. You can view it by clicking here. And here are links to Shuler's official site and to Taylor's site.

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Screwy Hoolie said...

Thanks for the shoutout.

I'd also suggest Lyle Rashorta's decidedly anti-Taylor site,

For a while there was some lively discussion over Shuler's candidacy at The Unofficial Shuler Forum.